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Why Choose A & M Landscaping

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The Landscape is a living and breathing creature that needs to adjust through time.

I design for your current and future needs.  I want to make sure that your landscape lasts through time.

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Every new site brings a new challenge.

I love the challenge of each new design.  Every place is unique along with every client being unique and I like to try to make everyone happy with how everything turns out.

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I have been in the industry for decades.

I started out mowing lawns and doing construction installation so I have intimate knowledge of how things are built and what is feasible.  This has helped in designing because I know what can work and how it can work instead of just doing something pretty that can't be built.

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Low Maintenance

I know most people want to be able to enjoy their landscape instead of doing constant upkeep.  I let the client know of the different options for the patio materials and what kind of upkeep it might take.  The planting design is also done in a no maintenance to low maintenance way so that the landscape can be enjoyed instead of maintained.

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Landscape Construction

I love to see the project all the way through.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a concept all the way through to construction.  I work with quality partners that are fair and do a great job on the installation.

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HOA Approval

The client is responsible for getting ahold of the HOA and submitting the plans but we help with the approval process.  We give you the plans you need and answer any questions that the HOA may require.

Why Choose A & M Landscaping: Text
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