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The Design Process

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we meet onsite to learn about your property and to get to know each other and what your goals are.  We discuss how you would like to use the space and what elements you would like to include along with budget numbers.  I take pictures along with measurements so I can create a to scale base plan to begin from.


Preliminary Plan Review

I enter the measurements into AutoCAD to create a to scale base map to start from.  I then create a conceptual drawing that includes all of the big movements such as where patios, shade structures, beds, trees, etc... go.  The preliminary plan has everything called out except individual plants.  To stay on budget, I also do an estimate for this phase so we can really nail down what we would like to do and if we need to scale down or need to do phasing.

Baumel Preliminary Plan 8-13-20 Renderin

Master Plan Review

From the preliminary plan we back in to budget and really nail down what you would like to get done and what you would like to spend.  This is also when all materials are called out as well as the plants.  If needed we can also get the landscape set up for phasing so it is done in the correct order.

Deans Final Plan 7-24-20.jpg

Construction Installation

If you choose to move forward with the build with a few contractors that I use, I stick around and help to project manage.  I strictly work with Jesus and Sons Landscaping and Soulshine Landscaping for my installations.  I have worked with them for several years and trust that they will produce the best product possible.  They stand by their work and guarantee everything.  Their pricing is middle of the road.  There are other landscaping companies that might charge less or more but I stand by the quality of both of these companies.

Photo Oct 09, 1 31 10 PM.jpg

Finished Project

The project will be built beautifully with quality materials and done exactly to the specifications.  There may be some small changes made in the field for what they encounter.  The design is meant as a guide and there may be small changes made to make it better.

Our Design Process: News & Updates
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